Romantic Media Studies @ MLA 2013

January 6, 8:30-9:45am, Hynes, 203

Roundtable Statements for Romantic Media Studies


Our roundtable will discuss and define “Romantic media studies,” one of the most vibrant approaches to Romantic literature today. Spanning British, German, and transatlantic Romanticisms, the exchange will consider Romantic-era media while reflecting on methods of reading for media, mediations, and networks. We will also address the relation between Romantic criticism and the digital humanities in light of Alan Liu’s recent call to action, “Where Is Cultural Criticism in the Digital Humanities?

Herewith, the topic statements from all of our distinguished panelists:

Miranda Burgess“Communications”: Notes on the Transport of Persons and Affects

Mary Helen DupreeRomantic Declamation and Medial Transformation in Germany, 1790–1830

Kevis GoodmanThe “Connecting Medium” of the Nerves: On Mediation

Yohei IgarashiModels and Questions of “Romantic media studies”

Celeste Langan“‘What Did They Say?'”

Maureen N. McLane“I Remember Romantic Media Studies”

Tom MoleRomantic Print in the Media Ecology

Lauren NeefeSardanapalus Onstage and out of Mind

Please feel free to circulate to any and all interested colleagues, and by all means join us on the morning of the 6th with your responses, comments, questions, and provocations. Each panelist will speak briefly on his or her project and its relation to the line of inquiry that might be called Romantic Media Studies. We will then conduct a 15- to 20-minute discussion among the panelists, before opening the conversation to everyone in attendance. See you there!

Oh, and Happy New Year!


Author: Lauren

Poet, Romanticist, Feminist, Intersubjective Activist

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